StillRite Continuous Feed Still (WWS1050)

StillRite Continuous Still

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Continuous Feed Still

Capacity:  16L per hour distilled.
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Used Equipment

Description:  This StillRite Continuous Still is amazingly easy to use. No cooling water to deal with. The ease of use and ability to function off household powerpoints makes this a one of a kind unit. The vendor is happy to show you how it runs, in person.


  • Fully automatic operation. Just put inlet hose into product to be distilled, and product hose outputs 88-90% alcohol (has manual mode as well).
  • Runs off a standard 10 amp two-phase household power point–heating is two 3W elements.
  • Cooled by internal fans and recirculation of inlet–waste is only the stripped product.
  • Automatic shutdown if pressure gets too high, inlet line is blocked or empty, or any other parameter gets out of the safe range (has alarm as well)–allows for safe around-the-clock operation.
  • In automatic mode, takes in 4.5 ml/sec, equating to 16.2 L/hour or 388 L/day distilled.
  • Inbuilt compressor to move product into still and to run jockey pump for alcohol to collection tank.
  • Total column height is 2.4 m.

Price:  $22,000+GST

Payment Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works.

INCO Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works, Marlborough.
Freight is care of the buyer.

Please Quote Reference: WW1050