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Whether buying or selling, within New Zealand or overseas, Winework Solutions Brokerage provides a confidential, professional brokerage service, specialising in bulk wines, cleanskins and buyer’s-own-brands or fully branded products.

Brokerage Services

Winework Solutions Brokerage introduces buyers to sellers. We broker bulk wines, used winery equipment, barrels and oak, grapes, cleanskin wines, fully packaged and branded wines and expendables such as bottles and closures.

We can assist with bulk wine export shipments for packaging in overseas markets and can facilitate packaging and branding to a buyer’s specific requirements.

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Wanted to Buy

Whether you are seeking wine or equipment, Winework Solutions Brokerage can help put you in touch with a vendor.

Check the brokerage listings on our website or fill in a simple online form with details of what you’re looking for. We will then seek suitable vendors through our extensive industry contacts, keeping your identity undisclosed until a transaction is agreed.

Wanted to Buy listings are Free.


We broker grapes at harvest and long term supply agreements. Whether buying or selling, we can help put you in touch with a production partner to suit your business needs.

Prices are generally for harvested grapes at the vineyard gate. Transport to the winery, juicing and processing are generally at the buyer’s cost.

Bulk Wines

Bulk wine is transacted by the litre and is generally shipped for export by tanker or 24,000 litre flexi-tainer for packaging in the destination market.  Alternatively, we can arrange for bulk wines to be bottled and packaged to your specifications and transported by GP shipping container.

Within New Zealand, wine can be tankered by road or rail in any practical volume from 1,000 litres.  For export markets, the minimum practical volume is 24,000 litres.

The vendor will pump the wine to tanker or flexi and provide a calibrated volume report.  Costs to the buyer are determined by the INCOterms agreed upon between vendor and buyer.

Winery Equipment

We broker a wide range of winery equipment and machinery. If you’re updating tanks, a press, crusher, destemmer, pumps or other items of gear, we can help sell whatever you’re replacing.

If you’re looking for used equipment or machinery, take out a wanted listing and let us help find what you need.


Tonnellerie Radoux
Winework Solutions is the New Zealand sales agent for Radoux barrels and cooperage.

Since the middle of last century, Radoux have been one of France’s leading family owned cooperages. The company has full control of their source material by opening their own seasoning yard and stave mill. In addition to their cooperage in Jonzac, Radoux owns cooperages in Spain and in California. Radoux was further strengthened in 2012 when they joined the Francois Freres Cooperage Group.

Winework Solutions is New Zealand sales agent for Pronektar chips and staves.

Radoux brings it’s vast experience in oak selection, seasoning and toasting to the Pronektar range.

The Pronektar range of oak adjuncts have always been focussed on quality. They benefit from the know-how of Tonnellerie Radoux; it’s knowledge of oak, of its selection and maturation. Pronektar products are all made from cooperage-grade oak, sourced from the same forests, seasoned in Radoux’ own seasoning yards and analysed by Oakscan® for homogeneity.

With over fifteen years of experience in the research, development and sales of oak chips and staves, Pronektar is now recognized as the reference brand for oak for wine-making.

Used Barrels
We broker used barrels for continued winemaking, for use in beer brewing and spirit maturation and end-of-life barrels for ornamental and outdoor feature usage.

Cleanskins & Private Brands

Cleanskins are wines that have been bottled but are unlabelled. Cleanskins can be shipped unlabelled to a New Zealand wine producer or to a New Zealand liquor licence holder. Wines must be correctly labelled before export or sale to a unlicensed entity or consumer.

Winework Solutions can facilitate packaging under the buyer’s brand or one of Winework Solutions brands.

Cleanskins offer the advantage of being available in smaller lots – often as little as one pallet (56 x 12 x 750ml).

Private Brands
Bulk wine or cleanskins (bottled but unlabelled wines) can be packaged and shipped under the buyer’s Private Brand.  Winework Solutions can facilitate packaging and provide full costs in advance, based on the agreed INCOterms.

We can arrange bottling as required, label printing, labelling and packaging, along with delivery to your warehouse, freight agent or designated port.

The minimum practical volume for a bottling run is generally 300 cases (300 x 12 x 750ml bottles).

Minimum Order = 1 x 20′ GP. FCL = 840 cases palletized or 1,000 cases free-stacked.
Minimum volume per SKU = 300 cases.


Bulk wine or cleanskins (bottled but unlabelled wines) can be packaged and shipped under any of Winework Solutions’ own appealing, well-designed brands.  We can facilitate packaging and provide full costs in advance, based on the agreed INCOterms.

We offer a range of brands and label variants within those brands to suit differing product placements.

Marketing support and brand exclusivity may be available by negotiation.

Practical order volume conditions apply but with cleanskin wines we can often accept orders from one pallet (56 cases).

Please see the Our Wine Brands page for full details.


We broker surplus bottles, closures and other packaging materials, along with winemaking additions, ingredients and sanitation products.