Stainless Steel Tanks

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Used Stainless Steel Tanks

Capacity:  As shown below.

Quantity: 50 tanks available

Description:  This vendor has a selection of 50 stainless steel tanks of various sizes and types as shown below. Some plinth mounted, some on legs. Ranging in age but all are in fully-functional to near-new condition.
Located in Auckland.

The vendor is open to payment options from cash to rent-to-buy if, medium-term storage is required. Please contact Colin Ford to discuss.


WWS1129SS red fermenters with clean-out ports.10,800L2$16,500
WWS1130SS Tanks.11,100L2$12,100
WWS1131SS Tanks with cooling bands.11,100L2$16,500
WWS1132SS Tanks with cooling bands.12,650Lon plinths10$13,750
WWS1133SS Tanks.13,650L2$13,200
WWS1134SS Tank, Insulated with cooling bands.18,100Lon legs1$22,000
WWS1135SS red fermenters with clean-out ports.22,500Lon plinths2$24,200
WWS1136SS Tank.26,000Lon plinth1$24,000
WWS1137SS Tank with cooling wrap.26,500Lon plinth4$26,400
WWS1138SS Tank, Insulated with cooling bands.27,000Lon plinths9$27,500
WWS1139SS red fermenters with dimple plates & clean-out ports.27,000Lon plinths5$33,000
WWS1140SS Tanks.48,300Lon plinths2$40,700
WWS1141SS Tanks, with dimple plate cooling.54,000Lon plinths4$48,400
WWS1142SS Tanks.108,000Lon plinths2$68,200
WWS1143SS Tanks, with dimple plate cooling.108,000Lon plinths2$74,800
All prices are per unit and exclude GST.


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SS Tank, Insulated with cooling bands, on plinths (27,000L)

Payment Terms: Twenty (20) percent deposit on order, balance by negotiation.

INCO Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works, Auckland.
Freight is care of the buyer.