SOCMA Cube Destemmer (WWS1145)


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SOCMA Cube Destemmer

Capacity:  1 – 2 t/hr
Sold As: 
Used Equipment

Description:  SOCMA Cube Vertical beater style destemmer, adjustable feed rate and destemmer frequency. Roller sorter also adjustable speed. MOG belt can travel in either direction to discard stems etc…
Destemmer gives amazing amount of whole berry and very little trash. Comfortably operates at 1-2T/Hr.


  • Roller Sorter
  • Waste Bin Auger (not currently being used)
  • Year of Manufacture: 2016
  • Capacity: 1 – 2 t/hr

Price:  $27,500+GST

Payment Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works.

INCO Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works, Cromwell, Central Otago.
Freight is care of the buyer.

Please Quote Reference: WW1145