Gibbston Pinot Noir 2024 Grapes (WWS1171)

Pinot Noir

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Gibbston Pinot Noir 2024 Grapes

Volume:  ~11 tonnes
Sold As: 

Description:  This fruit is grown by a well-established Gibbston Valley producer. The vines are densely planted, so reliably produce high-quality, flavoursome fruit.

Compliances:  SWGNZ, Export Spray Prg.

Price: $NZ4,550 per tonne
GST excluded from price.
Payment Terms:  1/3 upon receival, 1/3 following 20th, 1/3 next 20th.

INCO Terms: (EXW) Ex-Vineyard Gibbston
Freight is care of the buyer.

Please Quote Reference: WWS1171