Bertolaso Gloria 106 Corking Machine (WWS1104)


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Bertolaso Corking Machine

Capacity:  ~2,000 b/hr
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Used Equipment

Description:  Bertolaso Corking Machine. Vendor has a vacuum pump for it, but is away in a shed and hard to get, if a buyer seriously interested, the vendor would get it and check it runs.
This system needs a jolly good clean up and a few hoses etc replaced, but it would be a good, cheap solution. Vendor has starwheels for all the main wine bottles, for Burgundy, tall Riesling, Bordeaux, and a couple of others.

  • Model: Gloria 106
  • Year of Manufacture: 1988
  • Capacity: ~2,000b/hr


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Price:  $5,500+GST

Payment Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works.

INCO Terms: (EXW) Ex-Works, Nelson.
Freight is care of the buyer.

Please Quote Reference: WW1104